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Imago Dei – June 26, 2016

The Scriptures state that all of humanity is created in the imago dei.  According to the Hebrew root it means: image, shadow or likeness of God.  More than simply a theological truth, what are the implications of this truth in our day-to-day existence as we consider ourselves and others?  What might it look like if we all lived in a way that recognizes that every single person, both those like us & unlike us, is made in the image of God and created to reflect Him?  Let’s explore this concept together and consider the implications that come from living in the light that we are all created in the image & likeness of God.

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Transformers – Choosing to be Transformed – June 12, 2016

We may live in the spirit, but there’s that wicked nature that’s present all around us and even inside of us. There’s a constant temptation to go back and yield to our old nature. So our challenge, as Christ followers, is to be transformed and stay transformed… to be different than we once were. And we have to do that in the context of a world that is controlled by the evil one. Peter gives us three disciplines we all need to practice in order to live as transformed people.

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Saturday Seminar – Space At the Table – June 4, 2016

Can an evangelical theologian s and his gay son overcome the difference in belief that threaten to destroy their relationship?

For Brad and Drew Harper, that question wasn’t theoretical and neither was the resounding yes they found after years of struggle. Writing to each other with compassion, grit, and humor, Brad and Drew take us on their journey as parent and child from the churches of Middle America to the penthouses of New York’s party scenes through a pastor
s-kid childhood and painful conversion therapy to the hard-won victories of their adult relationship

But Space at the Table is more than just a memoir. It is a guide, showing us a way through the roadblocks that threaten to devastate both families and the broader evangelical and the LGBTQ communities. Speaking from their own experiences, Brad and Drew offer an invitation to join them at ta place where love is stronger that the beliefs that divide us.

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