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From Hurting to Healing – August 21,2016

There are hidden wounds of life. Peter talks to us about this in 1 Peter chapter four, where he says when you undergo suffering, here’s how you find healing. Peter tells us that God wants to transform you from a person who is hurting to a person who is healing. There are four keys to healing hidden wounds. Regardless of how you’ve been hurt, if you want to get over it, if you want to let God transform your hurting into healing, Peter tells us how.

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Cost – August 7, 2016

Further in the apostle Paul’s missionary journey we see him travel to Ephesus where his teachings lead to riots and violent opposition. In the Scriptures we see the birth, life and death of the church at Ephesus. What lessons can we learn about this church and how can we live lives that hold tightly to our “first love”?

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