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Tied Up In Nots 6 – November 27, 2016

Today’s NOT commandment may be the most unrealistic of all. Today we’re going to talk about the fact that Jesus said, do NOT worry! Jesus commanded his followers not to worry. How can you even command somebody not to worry? But here’s the thing. Jesus knew something that we all know, but that we all forget. And as we look at the story where he gives us this command, he puts what we all now but we all forget in the form of stories or teachings that infer five basic questions.

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Tied Up In Nots 3 – November 6, 2016

Now among the teachings of Jesus that were being passed around from place to place, there were five things that Jesus taught us NOT to do. What would it be like if all you had were these things that Jesus said not to do, when some of them seem impossible not to do. Like fear not. Some of these NOT commandments were so unrealistic that many of Jesus’ follower didn’t understand them, until after the resurrection. Now today’s NOT, if I were to tell you what it is up front, you would say, “that’s impossible. Nobody can follow that command of Jesus.” So I want to tell you the story where this NOT commandment comes from, to help you understand the emotion of this encounter that takes place between Jesus and some people.

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