Monthly Archives: January 2017

Where Do We Start? – January 29, 2017

Everything has a starting place. What if we were starting all over as adults when it comes to our faith? So, we’re going to hit the reset button and we’re all going to start over together. We’re going to hear some interesting things, some challenging things and some things you’ve heard before. But my hope is that for many of you where there’s been a gap (you still want to believe, but you’re having trouble reconciling what you want to believe with things you’ve experienced and seen) that we give you the tools to help you easily reconcile your faith as an adult with the faith you had as a child.

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One Life – January 22, 2017

Before he left this earth, Jesus gave us one over-arching command. He said to go into world and make disciples of all people. So let me ask you, how many people have to become disciples before we can say we’re finished? All people! And the way God set this up is that if all people are to become followers of Jesus, it’s going to happen ONE LIFE at a time.

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What’s Your Next Step – January 15, 2017

At Adventure, we do not believe that our walk with God should ever become stagnant. We acknowledge that people are in different places and stages of Christian maturity, but no one ever fully “arrives,” at least not while on this earth. There are always next steps we can take that help us become what God created us to be and to fulfill His purpose for our lives. Each of us should always be considering the next step we need to take in our Christian adventure, and we should be constantly encouraging each other by asking, WHAT IS YOUR NEXT STEP?

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