Monthly Archives: May 2017

Defining Moments – Seeing is Believing – May 14, 2017

What we’re going to discover is this wonderful liberating truth, that you don’t have to understand everything in order to believe in something. Even though there are some things that are unexplainable, there are also some things that are undeniable. And when we focus on the unexplainable and avoid facing the undeniable, we’ll never have faith. But when you get focused on the undeniable, the unexplainable won’t harm your faith at all.

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Defining Moments – A Conflict of Interest – May 7, 2017

God doesn’t want you to get into a system where you think by doing a few right things, and being a pretty good person, you’re going to get to eternal life. So from time to time in your life, he’s going find ways to say, “nothing is more important that a relationship with me. That’s what eternal life is…to know God and to know Jesus Christ, His Son.
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